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Tools for Promotion


Tools For Promotion

Dinosaur Media Contact Information

Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)’s media contact toolkit. Includes names, email forms, and twitter accounts.

List of Newspapers in the 50 States

Press releases are useless if you don’t know who to send them to. Here’s a handy list of over 3,500 dinosaur media newspapers across the United States.

General petitions tend to be useless. Elected officials do not respond to the public begging them for action until they can be shown that their constituents are willing to demand it. However, an organizing petition can help you find new activists, build your movement, and keep in touch with supporters. This is a sample organizing petition from People Against The NDAA.

Scribd is a document hosting service, much like a Dropbox or a Google Drive, but designed for more public display. Instead of requiring people who visit your site to download a document, they can view the document right on your site with the Scribd embed. You can upload .PDFs, .DOC and . DOCX, and more.

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