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Joe Grumbine is the Founder and CEO of The Human Solution International a civil rights 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Owner and operator of Willow Creek Springs Botanic Garden and Nursery, and Slammer Books LLC Publishing. A father and grandfather, Joe has always held his family in the highest regard. As a cultivator since the mid 80's, Joe has taught classes and workshops on cultivating cannabis, organic gardening, and extraction both at his botanic garden and nursery "Willow Creek Springs" and in other venues including MCC and MCI (MCC 123). In 2008, Joe began operating a collective in California, educating and providing for patients and soon after his path to activism began... following an arrest for transporting medicine, Joe began to rally support for his trial. The support that grew to become THSi. now active in more than 30 states and outside the US as well. He fought a battle that finally ended in victory over three felony cases in 2014 with no compromise in integrity. As a blog talk radio host for 2 years, Joe has spread the message of personal empowerment, patient and civil rights and a mission to end prohibition. His "Cup of Joe" radio show explores the depths of prohibition and its fallout and of course, the solution of how to end it. So grab a "Cup of Joe" and tune in 8:00 PM EDT/5:00 PDT every Friday Night on Coffee Party Radio.

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