Voter Buddy Stories

Share your Voter Buddy story with us.  Tell us why other people voting is important to you.  If you are a buddy, who did you help?  How did you find your buddy?  Or if you have a Voter Buddy, tell us how your buddy helped you.  

  • commented 2018-03-10 05:44:05 -0500
    I volunteered on liberal, moderate, and conservative political campaigns in Oregon from 2003 until 2011. I felt very marginalized by the Right around 2010, as if my vote didn’t matter, and as if my idea of civic engagement shouldn’t matter. I believe they’re wrong and also believe that the only way to counter the currently sad state of our union is to work for a more perfect union by getting like-minded persons to the polls.

    I would specifically like to help moderate and liberal voters reach out to like-minded persons and get them to the polls in Yamhill county