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Amplify Your Voice! — Introducing Two Weekly Volunteer Calls

by Jessica English

As your new Volunteer and Membership Coordinator, I'm proud to  announce the launch of our new, weekly volunteer calls!  

What's NEW:
Each week, I am hosting two concise & informative conference calls to: 

1) Let you know of volunteer opportunities; and 

2) Allow you to choose where to plug in and make a difference!  

Register below and you will receive an email invitation to each weekly call:

Thursdays 8pm ET/5pm PT

Sundays 7pm PT/10pm ET

What to expect:

We will email you a list of the needs, including help producing our five weekly radio shows, creating content for our Facebook pages and on-line newsletters, and stuff that is more "behind-the-scenes."  

When your schedule allows simply join one of our calls. This allows us to coordinate action, and incorporate your ideas and suggestions into our collective goals.

We've poured through the many volunteer forms that you filled out (thank you), and are excited to bring everyone on board!  Please follow a link to register for a call!  

1) Thursdays - 8pm ET/5pm PT,

2) Sundays - 7pm PT/10pm ET, or

3) Let me know when is the best time to contact you.

I'm in my first month as the Coffee Party's Volunteer and Membership Coordinator.  I'm eager to help organize our volunteers and make an important difference in local communities and in our national political conversation. I can't wait to work with you!

INTERESTED in amplifying your voice and the voices of We the People?

Watch the video below and ​SIGN UP HERE.

PS: We are 100 percent people-powered by small contributions and membership dues. That's why we are free to follow the truth where ever it leads us. No oil barons, no partisan operatives, no casino moguls. We're proud of the fact that our average donation is less than $30. Please become a member, and/or help us along when you can.

PPS: Sept. 30 is the deadline for our Video Contest called "You Know It's Propaganda When..." video contest. I can't wait to view your entries!

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