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Taxpayers Take Action — April 9 thru 18

Please join the Facebook group Taxpayers Take Action 2011 to participate in planning and strategy for April 10-18 events.

Wow.  So, we're still kind of stunned by the flood of donations this week.  Despite the website crashes we suffered, we ended up topping $128,000 in our month-long membership drive, with an incredible $75,000 raised since Monday afternoon.  Apart from "wow," the primary words on our minds are "thank you."  We don't know what else to say.

We want you to know that we realize that this expression of resilience and hope is not a reflection on us so much as it reflects the burgeoning sense of self-empowerment and the indomitable spirit of "people power" spurred by events in Northern Africa, in Wisconsin, and now around the U.S. (this photo by Johnny Crawford was taken Feb. 26 in Atlanta, GA.)  Whether the oppressor is corporate/government collusion, a military dictactor, or a combination of the two, the People are beginning to realize that, if we pull together, we can challenge and defeat this formidable concentrations of wealth and power.  Now that the long-term damage of "trickle-down" economics has come how to roost, we realize we have no other choice.

We have created this Facebook group to gather your input and ideas for nationally coordinated events from April 9 to April 18Please share your ideas, inspiration, and expertise that will allow the Coffee Party to do its part in shifting the national narrative on fiscal responsibility in the interests of the American taxpayer.

We see the whole truth: deliberate policy decisions, including tax policy and regulatory policies led to the 2008 global economic crisis, the taxpayer-funded bailouts, and the resulting deficits at all levels of government.  Any budget slashing or tax-raising we do in the wake of this calamity should be done with a fact-based awareness of recent history, and a determination not to repeat it.

Below is an UPDATED list of initiatives on which Coffee Party volunteers are collaborating for April 9 - 18.  We are forming committees for each project, which you can join by writing to the email addresses provided below.

Coffee Break for America
Wouldn't our coffee breaks be so much more fun if hundreds or thousands of people took them together?  Help us plan and execute a series of direct actions that just might save America.  The idea is simple: everyone in a 2-mile radius takes their coffee break at the same time on a set date, creating a 30-minute flash mob that shuts down (for example) the local branch of a tax-dodging ubiquitous corporation.  We repeat this once a week, until thousands of Coffee Breaks transform the national dialogue on deficits and budget shortfalls, focusing on the irresponsible tax policies and deregulation that led to them.
To help us plan & execute, email us at

Weekend Meet-ups April 16 and 17
Isn't it fun to see a digital map fill up with events around the country?  We'll partner with other organizations using our brand-neutral "Movement For the People" website to facilitate self-organized actions and events around the U.S. on Sat. April 16 and Sun. April 17.
To help us plan & execute, email us at

Yard Signs to Make us Laugh and Save America
Slogan contest and design contest for yard signs expressing the spirit of Tax Fainess week, with a sense of humor. Distribution via the e-commerce site.  To be eligible for the top prize, you have to top this yard sign idea: "This yard sign cost more than Bank of America paid in taxes last year."
CLICK HERE for more info.

Ideas and information sharing take place 24 hours a day at this Facebook group.  The general email box for Taxpayer events in April is We'd love to hear from you either via email or Facebook.

Coming soon, we'll have two new web-based initiatives, and our "Road Trip to Save America" will be limited to especially promising events that are being organized by Coffee Party chapters around the country.  Annabel Park and Eric Byler will travel to such events, but the road trip is being postponed to allow for more time to plan. To help us plan & execute, email us at

By the time we log the membership donations sent to us by mail, we may well find that Coffee Party members contributed twice as much in single month than in all of 2010.  That's a big deal.  We deeply appreciate these expressions of trust and the hope, and we intend to do all in our power to live up to our and your expectations.  

PS: Should American Taxpayers respond like our friends in the United Kingdom?  Keep your eye on US Uncut.