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Let's make the truth go viral — Help us with our April Video Series

CLICK HERE for the latest on Survivor Web Series.

Download Survivor Logo (8-1/2 x 11 size)

As one Coffee Party volunteer put it, "Americans are entertaining ourselves to death." Desperate Taxpayers and Survivor: Trickle-Down Economics should be America's most watched TV shows.  We don't have the bank to produce a TV show, but we are producing a series of Survivor web videos that give voice to the other America that lives outside the confines of that shiny box in our living rooms. We're inspired by an exploding student-led movement to demand reality-based policy instead of ideology-based policy from Congress.

It's time to speak up and show up!

1) You can call our speak-out line (301) 259-1869 and record your message or story.

2) You can  email us a photo holding signs such as "Survivor of Trickle Down Economics" or "Desperate Taxpayer." Or you can create your own message and send the photo to: survivor@ coffeepartyusa.com

3) If you can shoot video, please do, and upload it to YouTube. Send us the link and we can pull it down from the web and add it to our video. 

Here are some addional lines you can say, or write on a sign to hold in a photo: 

  • "I pay taxes."
  • "I've paid taxes all my life."
  • "I work hard."
  • "Aren't I too-big-to-fail."
  • "Invest in me."
  • "I'm ready to work."
  • "I'm ready to start my career." 
  • "Where are the jobs?" 
  • "Corporate welfare has failed us."  
  • "Invest in our future."
  • "Cancel the Corporate Welfare reality TV show." 
  • "Time to invest in America."

Send your photos and/or video clips to: survivor@ coffeepartyusa.com.

Join our new Taxpayers Take Action 2011 strategy group on Facebook, and contribute an incredible exchange of ideas for action and information on which to base action.

And, our primary Facebook page just topped 350,000 fans.  This will be the engine that pushes out our videos and all our April actions.

Below are some of the first voice messages we received.  We will be downloading the audio and using them to create videos for our series, supplemented by photos sent to us by the callers.  The true voice of America does not need its own cable "news" channel to participate in the exchange of ideas; all we need is the opportunity to be heard.


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