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How Lawlessness on Wall St. Hurts Gas Prices and the American Economy — And How We Can Fight Back

by Jessica English

My guest today on The Bottom Line is Tyson Slocum (click to see him on Colbert), one of the nation's leading experts on Wall Street profiteering in the energy industry, and, how to stop it. 

It is Memorial Day Weekend - a holiday weekend to honor our fallen soldiers, and for many Americans, an opportunity to hop in the car for the first road trip of summer.  I traveled from St. Paul to Wisconsin this weekend for a wedding, and like a lot of you, the price of gas is often on my mind and eating through my meager wages.

But we are going to do more than just complain about gas prices today (I heard enough of that from Uncle Ron). 

WRITE TO CONGRESS to tell them to enforce our laws
and protect the American consumer.

This is our chance to get beyond complaining and find out what really goes into pricing those barrels of gas and why we are still, in 2012, have very few options for getting around.

Unlike your hotdog buns and sun dresses, resources and services we need (gas, electricity, healthcare) and use everyday, are priced differently.  They are basically run by monopolies, giving us very few options and protections.  Did you know we could all save up to 56 cents a gallon if we cut out the market speculators? 

Please help we welcome Tyson Slocum today on The Bottom Line!  Tyson is the Energy Program Director for Public Citizen.  Tyson was all over Enron's rolling-blackout-causing electricity scam in California during the 90's, and is a go-to-expert for PBS, MSNBC, CNBC and the like on: renewable energy, nuclear power subsidies, Big Oil, electricity regulation, fracking, etc. He will bring us the impact of financial speculation on energy commodity markets, aka how Wall Street is ripping off consumers at the pump (regardless of whether gas prices are up or down) and then refunneling a lot of this unfairly gained profit back into dirty coal plants or fracking ventures that endanger Americans health and the environment while holding us back from being competitive in the emerging green energy economy.

Let us get to the heart of the matter!  Today at 5pm ET the team is bringing you the bottom line on lawlessness and Wall St profiteering 1)  The affect it has not only on our energy prices, but 2) How much it feeds our sick cycle of addiction, or what we call the "fossil fuel industry.", and 3) What some of our lawmakers are trying to do to correct the problem, and 4) What "we the people" can do to address this system of corruption!

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