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Coffee Party 2.0 — a sneak preview

In 2011, we have seen our network rapidly expand to over half a million people. Our web platforms have reached hundreds of millions of people since Jan. 1, including 409 million post views on one Facbook page alone. We are very proud of the thousands and thousands of small contributions — averaging $29 — which have given us the opportunity to invest in long term organizational design and infrastructure, including the hiring of our first Executive Director, Debilyn Molineaux.  And, we elected a Board of Directors.

Coffee Party 2.0

One of the most important goals for the Coffee Party 2.0 design team was to find a way to grow our movement using affordable social media tools we can count on, no matter what.  We feel that this, plus the ingenuity, determination, and patriotism of the American people is all we will need to help topple the Cycle of Corruption that plagues our democracy. 

Rather than seeking merely to increase the reach and impact of Coffee Party 1.0, we are using 1.0 as a prototype to replicate many times over.  Thus, Coffee Party 2.0 will be something like a farm system to find, recruit, and support stand-out talent who can inspire, organize, and lead movements similar to Coffee Party 1.0.  Our pilot program has started with a small slate of "Information Activists" (see list below).   But as we explore new uses for emerging web technologies, and, as our movement grows in strength, we intend to become a network of networks, with hundreds of interlocking spheres of influence, all with unique goals, leadership, themes, and methods. 

Whether they are local chapter leaders, or nationally known issue advocates, all of our 2.0 Information Activists will be united by the overarching belief that We the People, not corporate profiteers, should determine America's future.  We will be truly representative of America's silent majority, crossing all political, cultural, and racial divides.  Our diversity will be our strength, as citizens and residents of this country stand shoulder to shoulder, knowing that we must do so in order to restore self-governance to the People, and protect against the corrupting influence of Money in Politics.


Coffee Party 2.0 Pilot Programs

Egberto Willies 2.0 team, Americans for Racial Equality and Economic Justice, collaborated on a letter to send to Congress during the debt-ceiling hostage crisis, resulting in over 23,000 letters sent, and Egberto's talk radio show Politics Done Right is an inspiration for current and future Information Activists to move beyond the written word to get the People's message out.

As a former Tea Party organizer, Shane Brooks has been a unifying leader, not only for his community in Waco, TX, but also for the on-line Coffee Party community.  Shane's August 15, 2011 blog declared he would be supporting fellow Information Activist Annabel Park by attending the Enough is Enough March in October.  He plans to bring along the many members of his 2.0 team, Whiskey with my Coffee.

Tabitha Justice is a college student in West Virginia getting her degree in journalism.  Her 2.0 team, Citizens for Media Reform, is seeking to set a new standard for journalism in the 21st century.  Her research and analysis is helping her recruit a team of citizen journalists who, through critique, commentary, and investigative reporting, will pioneer a new, truth-driven media (as opposed to profit-driven) of, by, and for the People.

C. Douglas Smith is off to a great start with his faith-based team, Belief in America, having attraced more than 10,000 readers to his most recent blog post.

Coffee Party founder Annabel Park is the first 2.0 Information Activist to touch off a movement that is growing even faster than the Coffee Party itself.  With support from our newly hired Coffee Party staff (four paid employees is nothing to brag about, but that's four more than we had as recently as April), and with seed money made possible by our members and donors, Annabel will organizing the Enough is Enough March, with a date in October soon to be announced. 

There are more Information Activists listed below, and still more, including a bilingual Spanish organizing team, who will soon make their debuts.  All of them have modules built in to each of their content pages so that readers who like what they have to say can sign up organize with them if they wish.  In only a five weeks, our 2.0 pilot program has brought more than 20,000 people into the Coffee Party network.

The Coffee Party Internet Infrastructure Work Group is currently building a system that will connect CoffeePartyUSA.com to sites we are constructing for each of these movements.  Soon, our Information Activists will have a team of content creators, organizers, and website administrators similar to the team inspired by Annabel Park and Coffee Party 1.0.  And, not long after that, we will offer a pathway for more and more people to become Information Activists and, with the Coffee Party's support, start a movement of their own.

Coffee Party 2.0 Information Activists
(pilot program)

Organize with Annabel, Shane, Doug, Vien, Tabitha, Egberto, Ray, or Eric by filling out a sign-up form embedded below one of their essays.


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