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Coffee Party Radio Is on 5 Days a Week - Check it out on video too!

Coffee Party Radio, Regular Schedule:

Mondays 11 pm ET to 1 am ET — Speaking of America with Don Manning
Tuesdays 8 pm ET to 9 pm ET  — The Middle Ground with Michael Charney & Eric Byler
Thursdays 2:30 pm ET to 3:30 pm ET — Louden Clear with Jeanene Louden
Saturdays 1 pm ET to 3 pm ET — Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies
Sundays 5 pm ET 5 to 6:30 pm ET — The Bottom Line with Jessica English
The call in number for Coffee Party Radio is: (646) 929-2495

Coffee Party Radio: Amplify Your Voice

by Eric Byler

If you frequent our Facebook page (now at 417 K fans), you know that Coffee Party Radio is on the air 5 days a week. We donate our time to Coffee Party Radio because it is the best way to connect communities, and the best way to hear from you. 

Coffee Party Radio allows us to demonstrate that Super-PAC’s and “news” channels are not the only way to have a voice in today’s America.  The Coffee Party is reaching millions of people every week. The most important ingredient? Your participation.

Your insights and experiences help to make sure that our national conversation is a two-way street; not a one-way street like the powerful media products that misled its consumers into voting against our nation’s economic interest, leading to the Wall Street casino that collapsed our economy and created the Great Recession.

So this is your invitation to pick up the phone and do your small part for 99 Percent Media.  C’mon!  It’s as easy as calling a family member or a friend.  All you have to do is dial 646-929-2495 when our radio shows are airing (see schedule) and you’ll be connected to a national community of concerned citizens who know how to talk about politics in a fact-based, civil, and transpartisan way.

Not a single member of the Coffee Party Board of Directors is a political professional.  None of our volunteers, and none of our original founders have ever been paid for political engagement.  We operate based on the theory that, once you realize you CAN have an impact on our national discourse, you will decide, as we all have, that you must.

Each of our five shows below serve as the culmination of a week-long conversation that takes place on Facebook and other web portals like Coffee Party News (358 K hits). 

In development:

Coffee Party Radio
Immigration For America, First Show!
CLICK HERE to listen to archived show

Weekly schedule TBA.

Previous Shows:
LOUDEN CLEAR with Jeanene Louden


Egberto Willies and Politics Done Right take on the Health Care Debate

Every American citizen has access to some sort of healthcare right now. The problem is that those without insurance generally seek it at emergency rooms where it is much more expensive and/or too late to treat them effectively. All of us who pay our insurance premiums and/or pay our taxes pay for this and other tremendous inefficiencies now. We pay our share AND we pay for those without insurance by paying our higher taxes and the higher insurance premiums caused by the uninsured. This is fact.

We know that before the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), an insurance company could cancel your insurance almost at will, stop paying after a cap is reached, arbitrarily deny coverage, deny coverage to anyone with a pre-existing condition, and charge higher premiums for women than men. Likewise, before Obamacare, every middle class American that had the misfortune of getting a chronic illness would have to go bankrupt before they could get assistance after their insurance cap is reached. [MORE]


THE BOTTOM LINE with Jessica English

Justin Wedges, an eye witness to last night's police crackdown on a rally at Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, provided the following account via email:

"Last night, the NYPD incited what amounts to a police riot in Zuccotti Park. After several hundred of us gathered for a peaceful General Assembly, with figures like Michael Moore and Cornel West dropping in from Left Forum to show their solidarity, NYPD brutally beat and arrested around 100 people, including my friend Cecily McMillan, who was beaten so hard her ribs were cracked, she had a seizure, and she had to be taken to the ER."

The Occupy Movement is something more than just the sum total of the efforts and incidents involving law enforcement and those who put their bodies on the line. It has become an “institutional emblem” — to which One Percent Media, its employees, and its consumers are deliberately attaching meaning, and seeking to alter in ways that are not always fact-based or honest.  Another front in this narrative war is law enforcement.

But let's remember that law enforcement is an instrument of power.  Like any instrument of power, it can be abused by the state, or in this case, those institutions that have power over the state. [MORE]

LOUDEN CLEAR with Jeanene Louden

What does it mean to be a Coffee Party Feminist? I believe in civility and reason; that given the chance to talk things through most Americans can come to terms on most things. I also believe there is room for "fire in the belly" in this compassionate stand of ours, especially when our sisters are met at the steps of the state house by soldiers in riot gear, or forced to submit to medical rape because they believe they have the right to design their families. Fifty years of medical science and social reform are at stake because it is easier to threaten us than to address real issues like economic justice or the social safety net. Join me. We really need to talk this one through. [MORE]


An open call-in show, late at night, when anything can happen (usually great things).

THE BOTTOM LINE with Jessica English

Hello everybody!  After seeing this article about the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act, I decided to dig a little deeper. The bottom line — how does this new bill affect our ability to assemble?  Sue Udry of the Defending Dissent Foundation joins us.  Sue has been a peace and economic justice activist for thirty years and is now at Defending Dissent Foundation — a foundation that grew out of the National Committee to abolish the Human Un-American Activities Committee. 

Coffee Party leaders Jeanene Louden, Billy Sears, and Eric Byler will call in from the first in-person Coffee Party Board of Director's meeting.

Checking with the Coffee Party Board of Directors at their first in-person meeting.

Don Manning checks in with Egberto Willies, Jeanene Louden, and Eric Byler from the Coffee Party Board of Directors, and Coffee Party Executive Director Debilyn Molineaux.  Topics include how the first in-person Board of Directors meeting is going, and how members of the Board feel about the "War on Women" controversy.

Michigan, We Have a Hidden Money Problem!

How can we get the money out of politics when we don't even know where all the money is?  Finding that hidden money in politics is the subject of today's Louden Clear.  Guest host Vince Lamb and his guest Rich Robinson of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network talk about the hidden money in Michigan politics.  Rich has been investigating unreported expenditures for many years and has found $70 million in hidden money spent in Michigan alone during the past decade. 


THE BOTTOM LINE with Jessica English

​Sundays at 5 PM ET (2 PM PT) on Coffee Party Radio

POLITICS DONE RIGHT with guest-host Eric Byler

Our subjects:  (1) Super-PAC Primary, (2) The Social Issues Primary, and (3) How We the People can overturn "Citizens United."  Fact-based America, we need use our super powers to influence the national conversation so that more and more of our fellow citizens understand that these three things are related.  I need your help to do that.

Joining me in our second hour will be Michael Stafford, Republican strategist, author of the book an Upward Calling, and one of the most popular bloggers in the history of the Coffee Party website.  What does Michael think about the primary race?  Check out his recent opinion pieces The Republican Crisis to get an idea.  I'll ask him if the Super-Pac Shuffle has impacted his views on the balance between free speech and fair elections.

I said a week ago on Jessica English's show that America will pay attention to "Citizens United" if we all do our part. Thursday's rally was a big step. But what's next? Are you ready to organize something similar in your town or city? If so, sign up here. We'd like to support you by using our email database (and those of Common Cause and Free Speech for People) to bring you together with some like-minded people in your area.

Look forward to speaking with you, in the mean time here is info, and video from our Flash Rally at the US Supreme Court two days ago:

  • THIS PAGE on our website has new content added since the newsletter went out.
  • THIS PAGE has a lot of my own, developing philosophy on what We the People need to

Louden Clear with Jeanene Louden  Jeanene interviews Eric Byler and Annabel Park moments after after the first the rally at the Supreme Court ended.


THE BOTTOM LINE with Jessica English

​Citizens United Revisited

Thanks to everyone who listened and called into The Bottom Line this past Sunday.  My biggest fear was that I would be talking to my self for an hour-and-a-half.  Also, what would I do if my brain froze? Well, I have come to expect a lot from Coffee Party devotees, and callers you did not disappoint! I was a bit nervous because it was my first time covering all of the technical aspects, but after the first ten minutes, the nerves started to fade as I was drawn in to what folks had to say.

I can’t describe the feeling I had the moment the “blogtalk radio lady” opened the show and it was my mouth that was opening to greet everyone, but I can tell you how thrilling it was when the phone lines lit up. [READ MORE]

LOUDEN CLEAR with Jeanene Louden

Jeanene interviews Jonathan Miller, one of the co-founders of No Labels, a ground-breaking tran-spartisan organization and leading voice for independent voters in mainstream media.

CLICK HERE to listen on Blog Talk radio.

Jonathan Miller is a former Kentucky State Treasurer a former Deputy Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Energy. Today told us about No Labels' latest initiative No Budget, No Pay — the first step in No Labels' 12-point action plan to Make Congress Work. If you like what you hear, please join our friends at No Labels in writing to Congress in support of No Budget, No Pay, which has been introduced in the House (H.R. 3643) by Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) and in the Senate (S. 1981) by Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV). Both bills already have numerous bipartisan co-sponsors. That's what I call momentum!

THE BOTTOM LINE with Jessica English

Jessica English's debut as host of THE BOTTOM LINE will go down in history as the second most spectacular debut in America in Feb. 2012, right behind Jeremy Lin.  Don't believe us? Give it a listen.  It was her first time hosting a radio show, and it went so well that Jessica has been asked to host the show again this Sunday.  Don't forget to tune in!


Coffee Party Book Club hosts
Lawrence Lessig to discuss his book Republic, Lost
The global democracy movement has reached America’s shores. The national conversation has shifted. The time has come to reclaim recent American history from the news/entertainment industry and other narratives scripted by One Percent Media. To aid us, along comes Lawrence Lessig's new book Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress–and a Plan to Stop It.  Lessig joins Jeanene Louden for a discussion.

 Let's Talk State of the Union — special show hosted by Annabel Park

Click Here to Listen or Download.

We are thrilled that President Obama addressed Coffee Party's three core issues in his State of the Union: campaign finance reform, Wall St regulation, and tax code reform. The question that remains for the The White House and rest of us: how can we make any progress on addressing these urgent matters with a Congress this divided and a process already corrupted by money? Especially given that it's an election year.

The Bottom Line with Annabel Park

Click Here to Listen or Download.

This is the bottom line for today's show: You know what keeps me up at nights? The fear that our government (the ones we elected and pay) just doesn't care if we live or die. What do we do about it? We need to zero in on one clear, achievable political objective and get everyone to push for it.


Coffee Party Town Hall with Move to Amend Coalition

Click Here to Listen or Download.

Recorded Wednesday Dec. 28, 2011.  Topic: The Occupy the Courts initiative opposing the Citizens United decision with David Cobb and Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap of the Move to Amend Coalition. Hosted by Egberto Willies.

Open Call-in Show w/ Jeanene Louden and Annabel Park

Co-hosts: Jeanene Louden and Annabel Park. Guests include Coffee Party members: Jeanne Leone, Chris Ritter, Don Manning and Steve Law. We'll discuss the issues of the day and deliver Coffee Party news.  Join the discussion by calling in or chatting. 

If you're interested in volunteering to produce Coffee Talk Radio Shows, please email us: enough@coffeepartyusa.com.

Axis of Evil 2012: Who's afraid of the Military Industrial Complex?

Annabel Park hosts author John Feffer, co-director of Foreign Policy In Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies. We invite you to listen or call in to discuss the end of the Iraq War, the possibility that Iran is next, death of Kim Jong Il, what's next for the War on Terror, the rationale for hundreds of military bases abroad and who really calls the shots on foreign policy in the United States.

This is part of the Citizens Intervention Series focused on discussing the best strategies and the most effective tactics for political reform.


How do we build a left-right-center alliance on election reform?

Guest: Stephen Erickson, President of Rebuild Democracy. Host: Annabel. We will discuss the goals of this alliance-building grassroots reform group: term limits, ending gerrymandering and clean elections and the method for building a sustainable left-right-center alliance.

According to Rebuild Democracy: The Republican and Democratic political establishments will never give up their privileges unless we the people force them to. Grassroots progressives can't do it alone. Tea Party conservatives can't do it alone. We must stand together. 

This is part of the Citizens Intervention Series focused on discussing the best strategies and the most effective tactics for political reform.





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