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Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies May 19, 2012: The Black/Latino/Gay Divide • Jeremiah Wright, and "Job Creators"

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by Egberto Willies

This was another politically eventful week. It is evident that this is going to be a very long election cycle and it will be very dirty.

This week we learned that a Right Wing Super PAC  was considering reintroducing “Reverend Jeremiah Wright” attack on President Obama. While Mitt Romney took several hours to address it, he eventually repudiated the potential attack.

Earlier this week I posted the blog “The American Middle Class Will Revolt Against Austerity” where I stated:

The middle class provided the intellect, the goods, the services, the know-how, and the purchasing power that made the wealthy rich. It is time to recover in a peaceful manner what was stolen through bad policy.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Nick Hanauer TED speech where he specifically inferred the same. In effect the job creators are the consumers. 

The conversation on whether President Obama made the correct and moral choice to come out in favor of same sex marriage continues. The media continued to expand on the supposed rift between both Blacks and Latinos against gays over same sex marriage.

I do not have a guest this week. You are the guest. Please call me at (646) 929-2495 let us discuss these issues. I want to hear and discuss ALL points of views.

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