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In Praise of No Labels

It's zeitgeist, the spirit of the times. The extreme obstructionism and partisanship of last year were bound to lead to a backlash. We are one response to that, the Sanity Rally is another and a newly emerging group of national and comunity leaders, No Labels, is another. We all recoil at the extreme rhetoric and unproductive gridlock. We want American to work together instead of against each other. There is so much at stake in putting aside our swords and daggers so that we can be productive again.

The question is: can we organize that lacklash into a powerful force for positive cultural and institutional reform? I'm hoping that the answer is yes and that is why I've put my personal life on hold to see what we can do as a truly grassroots movement.

We do hope that No Labels succeeds and that we are able to collaborate on things here and there while maintaining our unique identities and voices. Every group/movement like this will have its own set of solutions. We will not agree on everything, but we will certainly agree on some very important things. There are many groups that we are hoping to collaborate with going forward.


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