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Money, Politics, Food and You: LWL and Frances Moore Lappe'

Good-Food-Charter-inside-L1.pngFood is a money-in-politics issue. That makes it a Coffee Party issue. Allow me to connect the dots.

The well funded agribusiness lobby* and the strategic use of corporate and super-pac campaign contributions** have made it impossible to have an honest debate about the citizen-right to know what is in our food.

There is little or no safety testing of genetically engineered food crops.*** Add to this the infiltration of individuals from agribusiness into regulatory agencies**** and we get “why not?” decisions that amount to “don't worry your pretty little head about this, missy”.

For example, the Monsanto position on all things genetically engineered is that unless someone can prove “an apple is not an apple” then the level of safety of the non-genetically engineered food crop IS the level of safety of the engineered food.*****

Corporate word smiths (i.e. Monsanto) wrote the rider to the Agriculture Appropriations section of the HR933 emergency appropriations bill, called The Farmer Assurance Provision, dubbed “The Monsanto Protection Act”, was signed. Controlling the narrative is everything in our “branded” society: despite the pre-planned, wounded cry that a farmer should know that when a crop is planted he will be able to harvest it, groups like Friends of Family Farmers called the bill “a huge threat to farmers’ and citizens’ rights and it must be stopped – today!” ******

What is a concerned consumer to do?

Citizens and corporate interests have the same gateway to change: for better or worse all change is in the hands of our elected. In this and all matters legislative, Coffee Party believes that as long as political candidates depend upon campaign contributions from corporate and special interests, and need the same corporate and special interests to not support an opponent, we (the people) have allowed a “fog of corruption” to nurture self interest and starve out those who do not play along. The only answer is for US to free the elected from the influences of cash by adopting publically funded political campaigns, returning the legislative focus from contributor interests to voter interests.


But first we have to believe the connection between financial power and political power. Lunch with Louden has touched on this subject a couple of times in the last few months, most often from a “what is possible in a citizen driven world” view, and sometimes from a “stop it now” perspective.

This week, Frances Moore Lappe’ makes a return appearance to Lunch with Louden, in celebration of the paperback release of her most recent book, EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want.  In September 2012 she covered many of the things we can do individually and today we’ll ask her about the politics of food and the Good Food Movement.


LUNCH WITH LOUDEN and Frances Moore Lappe’
Thursday, April 18, 2013
12 Noon Pacific / 3 PM Eastern
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