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Coffee Party Brainstorming: Help us plan 2013 on The Middle Ground

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Tonight we're asking you to tell us your ideas and aspirations for the Coffee Party 2013. Please call in and/or listen in at 8 pm Eastern (5 pm PT) for the launch of a two-month process during which our members will elect our Board of Directors and help us chart our course for the coming year. 

The Middle Ground: Tuesdays at 8 pm ET (5 pm PT)

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The nominations for our Board of Directors election are in, and the candidates will be announced very soon. Some will announce their candidacy themselves on the air tonight, and you can bet all them will be tuning in to hear what our members and our listeners want to see for the Coffee Party in 2013.

Some topics for discussion:

  • Do we need more rallies, more symposiums, more lobbying efforts, or a deeper dive into social media? 
  • Can we do a better job of balancing trans-partisanship with being fact-based and solutions oriented? What should we do when those two things seem to be in conflict?
  • Has the reduced role for Annabel Park been helpful or hurtful in 2012? What should the Coffee Party ask of her in 2013?

One of my passions is inviting more conservatives, such as my co-host Michael Charney who serves with me on the Board of Directors, into our conversation. When I think about the future of the Coffee Party, I always ask myself, "What does our country need?" At the top of my list is a framework for trans-partisan collaboration that our leaders in Congress can follow. Is it just a pipe dream, or should we keep working at it? What do you think our country needs?

PS: We are 100 percent people-powered by small contributions and membership dues. That's why we are free to follow the truth where ever it leads us. No oil barons, no partisan operatives, no casino moguls. We're proud of the fact that our average donation is less than $30. Please become a member, and/or help us along when you can.

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Listen to internet radio with Coffee Party USA on Blog Talk Radio