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Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Process a Charade

KeystoneProtest.pngThe Keystone XL Pipeline approval process is a charade.

Our show on today will focus on the Keystone XL Pipeline as evidence of the corruption in our political system: campaign contributions are once again trumping the will of the people. Credo Action has gone to the mat on this one. (My post on their official comment page follows.) I hope YOU will call in on Thursday and tell us what you know about this project, the science and the politics in play as you see it.

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***Just announced*** Author and former Exxon VP, J.D. Messinger will join the conversation today and share his insights from working within the energy industry and how he has changed his life since leaving Exxon.

Jeanene’s Public Comment for Review on the Keystone XL  (You can make yours here.)

The Keystone XL Pipeline approval process is a charade.

It is the current best example of how our elected are beholden to their campaign funders to the detriment of their voters.

Lobbyists and contractors are having more to say about what is and is not considered in this decision than is respectable or responsible. Just the appearance of impropriety should cause a government of the people to change course. I am sorry to say this does not appear to be happening.

From Credo Action “The president delivered inspiring rhetoric on climate action during his inaugural speech. But it is his decision on Keystone XL which will determine his legacy on climate. If approved, Keystone XL will be the Obama Tar Sands Pipeline and it will, as our own government's top climate scientist James Hansen has explained, mean "game over" for our fight to stop global warming.”  

There is too much information that raises questions about how prudent this endeavor would be for the environment or the economy. This much doubt should result in a NO vote, rather than a hopeful and optimistic yes. We cannot afford for you to be wrong about this.

Credo went to the unusual step of emailing this to Debilyn two weeks ago:

Friend — This is not the usual CREDO email. With the release last Friday of the State Department's favorable environmental assessment of the Keystone XL pipeline, we thought long and hard about the right way to respond; to get President Obama's attention, and to convince him to change course and reject this catastrophic project.

Here's what we think is necessary to meet the moment: a pledge to resist Keystone XL and commit civil disobedience if necessary. It's a big ask. We hope you will read below and carefully consider what we are asking. We hope you will join us in signing the pledge to resist, and most of all we hope President Obama will reject Keystone XL, so that it will not be necessary to fulfill our pledge at all.

Thanks for your great passion and commitment in the face of this important fight. It is what has gotten us this far, and it is our greatest source of hope that we can win.

— Michael Kieschnick, Becky Bond, and the CREDO team

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Jeanene & Debilyn

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