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Q: If you answered no, what issue is most important to you?
A: ok

Your Opinion, Please

Has our country reached a tipping point where those who have more money (speech) are now an unstoppable force in American politics?

Since 2010 the Coffee Party USA path has included identifying and advocating for legislative fixes to reform campaign finance laws, Wall Street regulations, and the tax code.


Three years of post Citizen United governance has made it clear that there is a need to shift our focus to campaign finance reform.

We must fight the super-minority of big money contributions and corporations with super-citizen rights to buy candidates with mega-donations.

Until our lawmakers are no longer influenced by fear marketing, lobbyists, and “helpful” self-interest groups who all tempt them with employment after they leave office, our elected officials will look to funders rather than voters when legislative decisions are made. 


We will not abandon our call to “incite civility and reason”.

Do you agree that  Money-in-Politics should be the primary focus for Coffee Party? Your opinion matters. 

Thanks for taking part in our survey. As you know, Coffee Party is crowd sourced by people like you. We thank you in advance for your support.

Coffee Party USA, a grassroots movement to #FreeTheElected 


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iam very happy to join this thanks for your Agree iwould do what is great for All withe peace too

Become a volunteer

Coffee Party Supporter,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Coffee Party Movement. We are a grassroots organization whose mission is to bring forth civility in our national political discussion. We have all types of political affiliations involved with us and we mean to keep it that way as America herself is that way. Please feel free to invite other volunteers to join as we welcome everyone who wants to participate in bringing forward a better America!

The Coffee Party believes in building a strong sense of community among our volunteers.  All our volunteer work  is done virtually via weekly conference calls, Facebook and Google Drive.  We depend upon a continuity of commitment from our dedicated volunteers. 

We have many volunteer needs:

If you are interested in volunteering at the local level, skip the form on this page and go to our Organize Section

If you are interested in participating at the national level, please visit this page before filling out the form below.   If you see something you like, mention it in the comment field.  Then fill out the Civility Pledge and Non Disclosure agreement on the next page. 

Look for an email from Coffee Party Volunteers inviting you to our Volunteer Facebook page to get started.  Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it within 1 hour.  

We look forward to working with you and thank you for joining our volunteer force!

Debilyn Molineaux
debilyn at coffeepartyusa dot com