About Voter Buddy

The VoterBuddy Challenge is simple:

  • Help someone register to vote
  • Be a friend during election time
  • Challenge at least 6 others to take the VoterBuddy Challenge

Our vote is our voice

  • The VoterBuddy challenge was started because of new laws passed by many states after a key part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was struck down in 2013 as no longer necessary. For example, one voter-ID law would have prevented an estimated three-quarters of a million Pennsylvanians from voting, including a fifth of the population of Philadelphia.  African-Americans and other minorities, as well as the elderly and the poor, would have been affected if this law had not been struck down. But other strict new voter-ID laws remain.
  • Although the challenge was originally designed to help those who have lost their ability to vote because of new photo-ID laws, any potential voter qualifies – whether they have had their ability to vote taken away through one of the new laws or not. We believe all eligible voters should be able to vote. Our vote is our voice. In a thriving democracy voting is essential. Even if we disagree with each other, we should still each respect and promote each other's right to vote.

Support voting

  • If you are unable to be a Voter Buddy, but still want to help, spread the challenge. Recruit your friends to be Voter Buddies.  You can also donate to the cause.


Ensure each eligible voter in your community can exercise their right to vote.

Yes I will be a Voter Buddy.
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    I already work with two other organizations, so I may find some things time sensitive or redundant
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    I pledged to be a VoterBuddy with Coffee Party USA.
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    I pledged to be a VoterBuddy with Coffee Party USA. http://www.coffeepartyusa.com/interest_voter_buddy?recruiter_id=700158
  • pledged support 2017-09-25 21:34:21 -0400
    Do my buddy and I have to live in the same community? Could we live in different cities? Or different states?
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