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The Supreme Court Has Spoken, Now It's Our Turn

by Eric Byler

Yesterday, five justices on the Supreme Court spoke out on the issue of money in politics.  They declined to reconsider the "Citizens United" decision, and reaffirmed their radical stance that multi-national corporations have a Constitutional "right" to spend unlimited and anonymous money to influence our elections.

To get the conversation started, here are two responses from Coffee Party leaders.  First, here is my co-host on The Middle Ground, author and respected Republican political analyst Michael Charney:

"The decision surrounds itself in irony.  The neo-conservatives argue repeatedly that nothing could ever be worse than activist judges, and yet both this decision and the Citizens United decision before it represent an activism likely unprecedented, skewing, as it does, the very foundation of what free speech has historically come to mean.

"The result is a ruling that upholds the constitutionality of free speech yet reinforces exactly the opposite effect. We, as a nation, are rapidly moving from “one person/one vote” to “one dollar/one vote.” Lawrence Lessig, in a March 2012 article in The Atlantic, noted that, as of that time, 80% of the money donated to SuperPACs came from less than 200 people." [MORE]

And, from our Executive Director and trans-partisan advocate Debilyn Molineaux:

"If the media would provide "free advertising" to each entity or person who requested it, then we might actually have free speech in politics. Right now, it’s more of an auction atmosphere.

"Additionally, not every person who organizes within a corporate entity is a citizen of the United States.  This allows foreign investors, who likely have profit motives, rather than civic investment motives, "free speech" rights in our electoral process. They may not get to vote in the election itself, but their influence will be felt, none the less." [MORE]

The Court also ruled on Arizona's controversial Immigration Law (CLICK HERE for my thoughts on that).  And on Thursday they will issue a decree on the Affordable Care Act.  We want to hear from you on all of these issues, so please call in at 8 pm ET (5 pm PT) 646-929-2495. 

The hope we see rests in new media.  What does all of this out-of-state and sometimes out-of-country money buy?  It buys media products: political advertisements, which are designed to work on a captive, passive consumer audience.  With the advent of social media, we don't have to be that passive.  We can create media products too, and, at a cost that most Americans can afford.  That's why we hope you'll join our Be the Media campaign.  Our next strategy call is Saturday at 3 pm ET (12 noon pacific)  — CLICK HERE to register.

Thanks and hope to talk to you tonight!

Listen to part one of our national conversation recorded last night:




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