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How to Get Involved with Local Coffee Party Groups

Represent your city, town, or region at the Coffee Party Convention Sept. 24-26th:

Join the Coffee Party Movement

Read a recent message about the Coffee Party Convention from Annabel Park

Join our Coffee Vote 2010 campaign, which kicks of on Citizenship Day Sept. 17th:


How to Get Involved with a local Coffee Party Chapter

1. Register on this website and sign the Civility Pledge (please).

2. Go the our Find and Create Events page.  Type in your zip code.  If you find an event in your area, please RSVP for the event.  You can also search all past events here.  You can contact the organizer of the past event for any updates.

3. If you do not see an event in your area, you can organize your own event.  Find a meeting site that is suitable for you - coffee shops, libraries, etc.  Check to make sure that a meeting can be held there.  Then, go to the same Find and Create Events page, and enter your event.

4. Go the Local Organizers Tool Kit.  Look around at all the information there.  For the first meeting, we suggest that you use the Coffee Party Starter Kit (word doc).

5. Join the main Coffee Party Facebook page.  Look for and join a local Facebook page, which can be found linked on the main FB page under the Favorite Pages section (bottom left corner)

6. We are in the process of setting up a state-local chapter system with dynamic online communication tools.  Meanwhile the initial group pages can be found here.   We are working to update the page.

COFFEE WITH CONGRESS is an on-going initiative:


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