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FAQ: Is the Coffee Party USA liberal, centrist, progressive or conservative?

Coffee Party USA is not liberal, centrist, progressive, or conservative. 

In fact, we question the validity of these labels because they create the illusion of division among the American people, and obscure the real problem in our politics today: the disproportionate and corrupting influence of corporate and other special interest in our government.

At this moment in history, we are at the point of a constitutional crisis over the power alignment between corporations, we the people, and our government.

The time has come for all Americans to wake up to this reality and recognize the need for citizen participation in the democratic process. We need the majority of Americans actively engaged in the political process in order for our government to reflect the will of the people. The absence of active engagement from our citizenry creates a power vacuum that is filled by special interests with unlimited amounts of money to spend gaming the system.

Coffee Party USA is best described as a grassroots movement calling on all Americans to become active citizens.  Members and leaders nation wide have diverse orientations, diverse affiliations, and diverse political experience. No single person's previous participation or expression reflects the entirety of the organization.



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