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Democracy Tool Box

Below are some great tools to stay informed and get engaged in the democratic process.

Government Sites

US House of Representatives
       Write to your Representative 
US Senate 
       Find contact information for your Senators 
The White House

Track Legislation

Library of Congress THOMAS    Find information on federal legislative activities and bills.
Congress.org    Non-partisan news and information.  You can sign up to receive weekly e-mails on how your Representative and Senators voted on issues.
Congressional Quarterly's "Congress 101"
The Congressional Record Searchable.  You can also subscribe to a daily digest.  Records each vote, speech. 
Govtrack.us  Track Congress.  Review Fair Election Now Act (HR 1826) and (S 752) and the DISCLOSE Act.
The Week in Congress  

Track Money in Politics

Coffee Party's Briefing on Money in Politics (PDF)
   Connect the dots to money and votes
Open Secrets 


Open Congress

Sunlight Foundation 


White House Open Government Initiative  

Campaign Finance Reform / Fair Election Now Act / Disclose Act

Coffee Party Blog Radio show on Campaign Finance Reform (3/25/2010)
Americans for Campaign Reform    Non-partisan, grassroots organization whose mission is to mobilize support for public funding of all federal elections
Campaign Finance Institute  Conducts research and education, empanels task forces, and makes recommendations for policy change in the field of campaign finance
Common Cause 
Democracy 21 
Democracy Matters 
Fair Elections Now Act
      Petition to Support Fair Election Now Act 
Fix Congress First / Lawrence Lessig   A project of Change Congress, a non-partisan advocacy organization whose purpose is to protect the independence of Congress by fighting the influence of money in politics. 
League of Women Voters Campaign Finance Reform
     Petition to support the DISCLOSE Act
Move to Amend
Public Citizen
Public Campaign Library on money and politics
Getting a Grip on Money and Politics (Video)
Clean Elections: Changing the Face of Democracy (Video)

Wall St. Reform

Coffee Party's Briefing Paper on Wall St Reform 
Coffee Party's Organizer tool kit for Clean up Wall St & K St campaign (PDF)
Coffee Party petition for Wall St. Reform
Coffee Party Blog Radio with Elizabeth Warren
Americans for Financial Reform    A coalition of 200 organizations calling for financial reform now.
This American Life - Planet Money 
Pew Financial Reform Project

Education and Voter Registration

League of Women Voters 
Rock the Vote!





Click here to go to the Coffee Party Organizer's Tool Kit page

Organize a local Coffee Party event.



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