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People Born w/ Money Aren't the Only "Job Creators" in 21st Century America

What is bringing our country forward
socially and economically?
We'll welcome two guests who have some great ideas,
and we'd love to hear ideas, questions
(and even rants) from you.


THE BOTTOM LINE with Jessica English

​by Jessica English

We’re going to examine the pitfalls of government of, by, and for the economic elite.  Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, this has been the most successful method of government, in the United States, and around the world.  But is it the only way?  And, is it the best way forward TODAY — when centuries-old economic and political theories are being challenged by new innovations of the Age of Network Intelligence.

Our guests will include Chris Franks, founder and CEO of Moblify, and, Tiffany Espinosa, entrepreneur and Ph.D. in the fields of Natural Resource Economics and International Economic Development.  

While One Percent Media rolls out their tired campaign attack ads, Coffee Party Radio has the town hall forum citizens have been craving.  We bring listeners innovators, who are building up America.  We also feature a smart audience with real questions, suggestions and solutions, in order to address the tough issues our communities continue to face.  I invite you to turn off the propaganda, America, and join us today!

Eric Byler writes:

Coffee Party Radio allows us to demonstrate that Super-PAC’s and “news” channels are not the only way to have a voice in today’s America.  The Coffee Party is reaching millions of people every week. The most important ingredient? Your participation.

Your insights and experiences help to make sure that our national conversation is a two-way street; not a one-way street like the powerful media products that misled its consumers into voting against our nation’s economic interest, leading to the Wall Street casino that collapsed our economy and created the Great Recession.

Here is Eric's summary on our line-up of radio shows.  We'd love for you to add your voice to all or one of them, either virtually or on the air:

Mondays at 11 pm ET
Don Manning in Port Orchard, WA takes your calls on Monday nights at 11 pm ET (8 pm PT) on Speaking of America.  Unlike Jessica, who often has guests on her show, Don prefers an open call format to allow maximum participation from his listeners.  He is an outstanding host who never loses his cool.  And, with the only Coffee Party Radio show that extends past midnight in some time zones, you can count on the fact that your call won’t be the weirdest of the night.

Don also leads the team behind online newsletter Speaking of America, which you can contribute to here.

Tuesdays at 8 pm ET —
Conservative author Michael Charney and I co-host a show called The Middle Ground on Tuesday nights at 8 pm ET (5 pm PT).  Michael, who lives in New Hampshire and is active in the Republican party there, prepares most of the content, including lining up guests, while I do promotion and chime in during the broadcasts.  Michael is best known for his Internet rivalry with extremist agitator Glenn Beck, and for his book about the experience Chasing Glenn Beck.  His contribution to the Coffee Party conversation has been illuminating and reassuring for me and for many others. I’m proud to share the web-waves with him.

Michael also leads a team behind the online newsletter The Middle Ground, which you can contribute to here.


Thursdays at 3 pm ET —
Jeanene Louden of Corvallis, OR hosts Lunch with Louden on Thursdays at 12 noon PT (3 pm ET).  I hope Jeanene won’t mind me saying she is the matriarch of the Coffee Party active citizen community. She can string words together with so much heart and so much love that it’s impossible for callers and listeners not to appreciate the human cost of the political mistakes we make as a nation, and, to redouble our determination to do better in the future.

Jeanene also leads the team behind the online newsletter Coffee Party Feminists which you can contribute to here.

Saturdays at 1 pm ET —
Egberto Willies of Kingwood, TX hosts Politics Done Right, our longest running weekly radio show, on Saturday’s at 1 pm ET (10 am PT).  Egberto is fortunate enough to attract callers who disagree with his deeply progressive values that aim to protect the middle class and the working class.  I love the way he laughs and refers to his callers as “my friend,” and in so doing completely dissolves the tension we’re so used to seeing on One Percent Media programs.

Egberto Willies has a personal blog at EgbertoWillies.com.

And, leads the team of volunteers behind the online newsletter Politics Done Right which you can contribute to here.

Sundays at 5 pm ET — 
Jessica English in St. Paul, MN takes your calls on Sunday at 5 PM ET (2 pm PT) for The Bottom Line. Jessica is the only weekly radio host in America who reaches a national audience with an authentic story of survival. Jessica’s family is one of millions hit hard by the collapse of the Wall Street casino.  She is living at the poverty level, and struggling feed her children and finish her degree, but she is not backing down from her duty as an American and as a Christian to strive for justice and give voice to the less fortunate.

​Jessica also leads a collectively-curated newsletter called The Bottom Line, which you can contribute to here.  

Read More about Coffee Party Radio.


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