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95 Actions Across the U.S. Marking "Citizens United" Anniversary & MLK Day

This weekend is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday and the anniversary of the Citizens United v. FEC, the Supreme Court decree allowing unlimited, anonymous spending to influence our elections.

Demand “Money Out, Voters In!”
CLICK HERE to find an event near you.

Voter suppression and the corrupting influence of money in politics are the only way that narrow special interests can undermine our democracy. They are both desperation measures to reverse our quest to become a more perfect union. Let's honor MLK Day, and demand the right for all citizens to vote without obstruction. Let's call upon Congress to get big money out of politics and enact free and fair elections.

Join us to unite two powerful messages calling for a more just and democratic nation.

Can’t find an event nearby? Add your voice by posting photo to flickr of you holding a sign, and tag it with “Money Out Voters In." (You can also email the photo to

There are 32 Partnering organizations involved in these actions: - African American Ministers in Action - Campaign for America's Future - Center for Media & Democracy- Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) - Coffee Party - Common Cause - Communications Workers of America - Consumer Action - CREDO Action – Demos - Free Speech for People - Friends of the Earth - Franciscan Action Network - Global Exchange - Hip Hop Caucus - League of United Latin American Citizens - Move to Amend - MoveOn - NAACP - National People's Action - National Women's Health Network - Oil Change International - Organic Consumers Association - People for the American Way - Public Citizen – Rootstrikers - Stamp Stampede - Sierra Club - Story of Stuff - U.S. PIRG – United for a Fair Economy - United Republic/Represent.Us

We hope you will participate. CLICK HERE to find an event near you.

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