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enough is enough

Let our voices be heard

John Cashon is a historian from Kentucky and is a recent addition to the Coffee Party 2.0 pilot project Citizens for Media Reform.  He believes that we need to do whatever we can to get the nation to learn to speak together again with civility while simutaneously holding politicians and the news media accountable for the rhetoric in today's discourse.  His motto for his own personal blog is: Look beyond the rhetoric and uncover the truth. 

By John Cashon

We are at the beginning of a revolution. It is not one waged with weapons and warfare, but one based on each American’s struggle for his constitutional right to a better life, with liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On October 29th, 2011, our nation’s stories will echo on the Capitol’s steps from the very people that long for the country’s return to a government that works for the people. Our nation’s history has taught us that anything is possible for our people if we stand up and fight for a country that includes everyone, and not just those that can purchase the agenda.

Where does political debate end and common sense agreement begin? Many cannot understand why the opposing political parties have decided that they can never agree on anything again. This is silly and foolish. This is not a sporting event that one side always has to win. How about policies where the majority of Americans win?

The truth is that most Americans are kindhearted, and it is comforting knowing this when all we see today in the news is antagonistic attitudes and cold-hearted values. Most people are just like you and me, and that is a good thing to know and remember.

Would we prefer an altruistic, Pay it Forward political culture based on an unselfish concern for the welfare of others, or one based on objectivism and individualistic values idealized by Ayn Rand and its views on laissez-faire capitalism? Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said it well, “If you’re not rich, blame yourself.” Many would reply angrily that if the system weren’t rigged and if the jobs stayed in the United States, we would all have the same opportunities for gaining wealth.

Right now, many Republicans, and some Democrats, are choosing to disagree with anything the President does or says. We have many of them on video telling their constituents about the lack of jobs and the policies they want to tackle it, but when President Obama offers a jobs bill including many of the same ideas the Republicans had, they suddenly choose a policy that is the opposite position. They give little concern about the previous video showing this inconsistency.

As an analogy, one could be watching the news and listen to a politician saying he is holding an orange even though it is actually an apple. The newscaster interjects and tells the politician that he is indeed holding an apple and the response would be, “no, this is an orange even though it looks like an apple.” The simple truth is they know whatever they say, their base will believe them no matter what, and it doesn’t matter anymore if it is caught on camera. Independent thought among the base does not exist as long as they unreservedly believe their party line. We must speak out to open their eyes to what is going on in our country.

Lessig delivers message to #OccupyDC on Money in Politics, will return #Oct29 for Citizens Intervention at US Capitol

by Eric Byler

Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig spoke yesterday at Occupy DC at McPherson Square (video coming soon) about how We the People can fight against corruption in our government and restore our democracy.  And he will return to Washington DC as a keynote speaker at the Citizens Intervention rally at the US Capitol on October 29th.

Why is our political process so dysfunctional?  What is the relationship between lobbying, campaign donations, tax loopholes, and our national debt?  The videos below offer an outstanding introduction to Lessig's latest book: A Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress and a Plan to Stop it. Lessig's lectures and his writing have the potential to become a graduate level course on how to save our Republic, a course that America can take together.

WARNING: the truth will not only set you free, it will make you a little angry.  But these videos not only reveal some of the machinations of what Christopher Hedges calls The Corporate State, they also illuminate a path toward constructive and collective actions we can take to restore government of, for, and by The People; not the Funders.

#OccupyWallStreet First Official Statement — unclear this is NOT

by Eric Byler

Quoted below and read aloud by Keith Olbermann above, yesterday's first official statement from the General Assembly at #OccupyWallStreet deftly and powerfully illustrates the threat to life and liberty represented by unchecked and unregulated accumulation of power by multi-national corporations with bases in America.  Before they can be expected to identify the solution, we should — and I am certain History will — acknowledge and appreciate the heroic acts of patriotism that have finally forced the nation to focus on the problem.  

The statement focuses on the impact that corporate corruption of our democracy, and the policies it produces, has on the quality of life for human beings in America.  That is the essence of the matter, is it not?  Pundits and political activists have looked at corporate spending to influence our government through the very narrow-minded frame of "which political party does the spending help?" instead of what is the impact on the PEOPLE who live in this country?  The Occupiers have it right.  What matters is the quality of life for the 99%, not the profit margin for the 1%.  It's as simple as that.

Despite criticisms that the Occupy phenomenon lacks a clarity of vision or purpose, this official statement matches up quite nicely with what I learned from founding members of #OccupyDC.  See video below.  I would venture a guess that the same messaging consistency is present in the emerging occupations around the U.S.  This thing is big.  This thing is growing.  And it's not going away.

The United States of America was born out of a collective response to an abuse of power — a defiant response to a collusion between the British government and a corporation with which it was deeply engaged: the East India Tea Company.  Now, more than two centuries later, a new generation of patriots must use the tools that were bequeathed to us by our founders — including the right to free speech and the freedom to assemble — to respond to an abuse of power that is many times more potent.  That is why I am supporting and documenting #OccupyDC, now in its 6th day at McPherson Square.  That is why I am supporting and documenting the October 6 occupation beginning today at Freedom Plaza.  And that is why I am helping to plan the Citizens Intervention at the US Capitol on Oct. 29th (I'll be too busy producing the event to document it — to this I am hoping others will step up).

As Jon Stewart points out in the hilarious segment below, one spark for the American Revolution was a felony act of civil disobedience from which the Tea Party borrowed its name.  Stewart lambastes Sean Hannity and other character actors in corporate media for hypocritical responses to a genuine grassroots movement (after two years of cheerleading and orchestrating the Tea Party).

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Cenk Uygur, what's on your mind? — interview with Annabel Park as America awaits new show on Current TV

Coffee Party's Annabel Park interviews Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks at the historic Commander Hotel in Cambridge, MA during the Conference on the Constitutional Convention

Lawrence Lessig of Rootstrikers and Harvard Law School hosted the Conference on the Constitutional Convention along with Mark Meckler of the Tea Party Patriots to consider whether America needs changes to the constitution.

Former Vice President Al Gore and Current TV recently announced the signing of Uygur and the world's most successful on-line news show for a 7 PM ET slot starting this fall.

Sometimes an institution, like an individual, needs an intervention

by Annabel Park

In mid September, we posted the following status on our Facebook wall:

"We love our country. We need an American Intervention. Problems in Washington have affected my life in the following ways: ___________ (fill in the blank)."

Hundreds of people responded, sharing their struggles and stories.

“Unemployment ran out and still no job.... you do the math.”

“My country is dying and I'm out here twisting in the wind, like so many.”

“My husband and I can’t sleep because his company lays off people every Friday. It is known as Black Friday.”

It's clear that Washington isn't working for us. It is time for a Citizens Intervention.

At the Enough Is Enough! Rally on October 29, our goal is to recruit 1,000 everyday Americans to exercise their First Amendment right to speak out and share stories about how government dysfunction and corruption have impacted their lives.


The goal of America is freedom: here is how we get there

Dear America,

We are in the middle of a great struggle for the soul of our country.

It is easy to read the news each day and become a little more disheartened, if not downright demoralized about our future. Elected members of our government are telling us that we don't deserve disaster relief, clean air, fair wages, healthcare, jobs, or homes. We are not part of the "productive class," and thus the tax dollars we contribute should not be invested in our families or our futures.

Our struggle is often presented as an economic struggle. The top 1% vs the rest of us. In many ways, it is that.  But, like many conflicts between people and power throughout history, it is also a struggle for identity, as individuals and as a nation.

The ruling class in America wants to determine what we deserve or don't deserve as human beings. They malign social programs — paid for with our taxpayer money — as "entitlements" that, for some reason, we no longer deserve. In the aftermath of the Wall Street financial crisis, somehow We the People have become less deserving of the fruits of our labor.  Instead, our money goes to those who created the crisis — the "money guys" as former Senator Alan Simpson refers to them.  [READ MORE]

Enough Is Enough! Citizens Intervention @ US Capitol #Oct29

This is the blog post that started it all, but please check out our new
official website for the Enough is Enough: Citizens Intervention
on Oct. 29, 2011 on the West Front Lawn of the US Capitol. 

The People's turn to speak #Oct29, a few minutes at a time

America, you are invited: SIGN UP TO SPEAK 
at the 
Enough Is Enough Rally
, October 29, 2011 at the U.S. Capitol West Front Lawn

"Our struggle is often presented as an economic struggle. The top 1% vs the rest of us. In many ways, it is that.  But, like many conflicts between people and power throughout history, it is also a struggle for identity, as individuals and as a nation."

                                                           — Annabel Park  [READ MORE]

CLICK HERE for the latest update on the #Oct29 Enough is Enough Rally.


Momentum builds for #Oct29 Enough is Enough Rally at U.S. Capitol

by Eric Byler

With 8 weeks to go, we already have 250 people signed up to speak at the Enough is Enough Rally #Oct29 and 3,400 signed up to help organize. They are coming from all across the country, even Hawai'i! Pre-registrants will be given priority over walk-ups, so click here to reserve your spot before publicity and advertising begin.  Here are some updates:

  • Annabel Park's new video and letter to America have provided us with the perfect opening statement: "Our struggle is often presented as an economic struggle. The top 1% vs the rest of us. In many ways, it is that.  But, like many conflicts between people and power throughout history, it is also a struggle for identity, as individuals and as a nation."
  • A team of volunteers has developed a social media strategy to attract the attention of speakers we'd like to attend such as Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Dylan Ratigan.  CLICK HERE to do your part.
  • Thanks to your donations, we are hiring professional event planners and mainstream media consultants to help ensure that the People's voice will at last be heard.
  • We are facilitating satellite rallies, particularly in parts of the country that are far from DC.  Local meet-ups have already begun, including planning meetings for local speak-out events and group travel to the D.C. #Oct29 (we will be raising travel funds for interested groups).
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