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"Who the hell is Grover Norquist Anyway?!?" —30 years of Voodoo has put the US economy in a whole lot of doo-doo

Norquist Emerges as Barrier to U.S. Debt Deal

by Don Manning

Tonight on Coffee Party Radio: "Who the hell is Grover Norquist anyway?" That's what  President H. W. Bush said recently of the man who wants to drown our Republic in the bath tub, and, to whom many in Congress pledge their loyalty instead of the U. S. of A.

Speaking of America

Mondays 8 to 10 pm Pacific Time (11 pm to 1 am ET)

Thirty years of "Voodoo" has put the US economy in a lot of Doo-doo. Tonight Don Manning is your host as we examine how and why. 

Help us take a closer look at Grover's royalist agenda, and how he uses big money and big media to enforce it on the GOP, and on our country. How does one millionaire wield so much power over the elected officials sent to Washington to represent We the People? Is this democracy at work, or more "in your face" corrupution and politics as usual?"

Also, did you know that nearly 2 million signatures are being presented tomorrow at the  historic hearing in the United States Senate on the impacts of Super-PAC's and "Citizens United?"  We'll send a Coffee Party T-shirt to the caller who can best connect our two main subjects: Grover & Citizens United!

Or, just call in and tell us what's on your mind.  We love hearing from ya!

And, don't forget tomorrow night at 5 pm PT (8 pm ET) it's The Middle Ground with Michael Charney and Eric Byler. They'll talk about the Senate hearings on Citizens United. 




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