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Coffee Party Cleveland with Annabel Park & Eric Byler, Sunday 3-21 at 11 AM

Annabel Park and Eric Byler are in town for the Cleveland International Film Festival this weekend, and they have made contact with some of the fabulous local organizers who are putting together an event for Sunday March 21st to introduce Coffee Party Cleveland to Coffee Party Virginia & Coffee Party USA!  Click here for the event page.

2 Patriotic Americans on Health Care Reform, 1 Opposed, 1 in Favor, Both Support Coffee Party

Here are two new videos from our YouTube team expressing two very personal, very heartfelt, and in many ways opposite views about health care reform.

One is of a Gulf war veteran and his wife. Their story is incredible, and they make a very strong case for health care reform.  Then we have the story of a 63-year old woman who doesn't have health care and is okay with that.  Why? She believes people should take care of themselves and that the government is big enough.  The beautiful thing is all three of these people believe in the message of the Coffee Party.

Health Care Reform a Crucial Issue for Coffee Community, Nation

Over the last 24 hours, we've conducted a straw poll on this website, and those who decided to participate have a clear consensus — one that mirrors consistent public opinion.

Watch Coffee Party Spokesperson Al Alborn on CBS News today (3/17), live at 12:30 with Tea Party leader Jenny Beth Martin

Watch an edited version of the interview on CBS's website.   
Separately, this is Al Alborn's video posted to our YouTube channel, posted on

Interview w/ Eric Byler March 13 Charlottesville VA

FAQ: Is the Coffee Party USA liberal, centrist, progressive or conservative?

Coffee Party USA is not liberal, centrist, progressive, or conservative. 

In fact, we question the validity of these labels because they create the illusion of division among the American people, and obscure the real problem in our politics today: the disproportionate and corrupting influence of corporate and other special interest in our government.

At this moment in history, we are at the point of a constitutional crisis over the power alignment between corporations, we the people, and our government.

TEXAS TRIBUNE: Grounds for Debate

Click here to read Reeve Hamilton's evocative acount of the Coffee Party National Kick-off day in cities around Texas.  


Former Ron Paul for President Volunteer On Why Coffee Party

The person in this video asked to have it taken down after receiving a series of threatening emails.  We may be reposting it but without the person's name.

There are a lot of other videos on our YouTube channel.

Virginia Conservatives and 3 U.S. Senators Quoted on Coffee Party -- by Linda Killian of US NEWS & World Report

Click here to read this outstanding article by Linda Killian, scholar and political writer, best known for her book The Freshmen: What

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