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April Fool the Koch Brothers – Don’t Do Koch on April 1st


Charles and David Koch, billionaire industrialists, were two of the most prominent one percenters trying to buy the 2012 election. Their company, Koch Industries, gave over $5 million in disclosed contributions to candidates and PACs, along with who knows how much in undisclosed cash.

It has also spent a fortune in lobbying and issue advocacy, supporting such things as climate change denial, union busting, conservative curriculum in education and capture of the US Supreme Court. The Koch brothers are huge supporters of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which gives corporations and wealthy individuals a way to develop laws and channel them directly into our legislatures.

The Big Apple Coffee Party, our local affiliate in New York City, has been handing out flyers in front of local supermarkets allowing shoppers to choose alternatives to Koch brothers products, and telling them why this is a vital choice. They've learned that shoppers really appreciate the information, and it’s a great way to start conversations that spread the word locally about what is happening to our democracy.

Now Big Apple Coffee Party has created this great downloadable toolkit with flyers and instructions for anyone to use and inviting us to help make this action spread across the country. Join the action here. The more people participate, the more impact it will have.

During the month of April, we hope to see volunteers across the country passing out flyers to let consumers act to take their democracy back. 

To participate,

  1. Facebook event page and “like” and “share” the event.

  2. Check the locations already listed on the Facebook event page. To join a listed event, email the contact address for that location.  Be sure to mark yourself as “going” and invite your friends.
  3. If you don't see one near you, click here and register your own new location. It will soon show up on the location list on the Facebook event page.

  4. Check out this great toolkit for organizing the event. 

  5. Here is a recording of our training call which took place on March 26 at 8pm ET. Listening to this is recommended but it is entirely optional since the toolkit contains instructions.

If you have any questions or want to follow up with your registered event, email or call 212-252-2619.  

Please, join us and together, let's reclaim a government of, by, for the People! 

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Thank you
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Awesome everyone can do something
commented 2013-03-30 20:34:57 -0400 · Flag
I’m on board!

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